"Made in Germany" Stamp on Synthetic Coverings

KÖSTER TPO synthetic coverings are being used for years, and they provide qualified waterproofing for long years with the speciality of not stiffening and aging by the time passing.
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Armaflex Ultima and NH Armaflex

Armaflex Ultima is produced by the world's leading elastometric rubber foam producer Armacell GmbH. It brings to minimum smoke poisonings during a posibble fire by a minimum smoke oscillation.
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Environment and Urbanism Ministry Prof. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk, "We give huge importance to insulation on urban transformation"

During urban transformation process, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Undersecretary Prof. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk Kentsel said that importance is primarily given to insulation, and they give effort for insulation to become widespread in not only across the city but also across the town. click for detail

Private Sector will be Propellent Power Again

At the meeting that is done for "Turkish Construction Sector Report 2014", it is announced that construction sector will grow 4 %.

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Last Days for YSBO 2014 Reader Voting

Reader voting continues for Insulation Sector Success Awards 2014. click for detail

Ceresit Ceretherm External Thermal Insulation Systems

Henkel Building Materials have a international reputation as being construction industry and professional appliers' specialist partner and under Ceresit brand, which has a tradition over 100 years, it presents high quality products and systems.

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Turkey IMSAD and Turkish Ytong Board Chairman F. Fethi Hinginar

Some people make a first impression of "He looks like he has a good personality", and then you see that you are right when you really get to know him...

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GNYAPI Informed Insulation Masters

GN YAPI, which organizes 4. Master Conference, shared improvements and innovations in heat insulation sector with insulation masters.

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BAU 2015 / 2. Part

In our previous issue, we shared the first part of our file study about BAU Fair. In this issue, we continue with the second part. click for detail

Reader Voting Continues at YSBO 2014

Reader voting, which will determine the candidates, continues at Insulation Sector Success Awards 2014. It will continues until 10 April and on 14 April winners will be determined and Selection Committee meeting will be done. click for detail

DuPont Tyvek FireCurb Used at WikiHouse

DuPont Tyvek® FireCurB, is used at first two-fold WikiHouse project with the world's open resource coded system. click for detail

Terraco Celebrated Its 25. Year

Terraco Construction Materials Inc.'s 25. year is celebrated at Premiere Night in Pera Palas with the participation of founder Goran Widstrom, Kadıköy Mayorship, IMSAD, IZODER, construction sector firms and architecture offices' representatives.

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A First in Turkey: Local Sound Absorption and Sound Transient Loss Measurement Tube

Bias Engineering is active on engineering solutions since 1997, and it is developing solutions about acoustical measurement systems besides solutions based on R&D.
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Housing Management "Insulation" Conference Attracted Significant Attention

Housing Managers "Insulation" Conference actualised on 10 January by GN Yapı. 460 Housing manager had been attended to it.

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BAU 2015

First Part
We will share with you the BAU Fair in two parts, which we visited for four days.
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ISH 2015 Fair will be Organized Between 10-14 March Dates

ISH 2015 will be organized by Messe Frankfurt between 10-14 March dates, International Bath Equipments, Building, Energy, Air Conditioner and Renewable Energies Exhibition?s Turkey Press Conference is actualised with the participation of ISIB Board Chairman Zeki Poyraz and ISH competents in Grand Hyatt Hotel on 4 December. click for detail

XPS Association Started the Campaign of "Insulation is a Saving"

XPS Heat Insulation Industrialists Association, started the campaign, which is named as "Insulation is a Saving" for attracting attention to energy loss and for creating an awareness on energy efficiency of buildings and providing energy saving in Turkey.
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Baumit, Presented its Quality on also Waterproofing

Before doing wall tile in wet volumes, ceramics and suchlike tile applications; it is very important to provide waterproofing.
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End of the Year Assessments from 2014 to 2015

Second Part

Insulation Sector's corporations? and establishments? delegates evaluated 2014 and made a summary about 2015 foresights for our readers under the name of ?End of the Year Assessments 2014?. We published its first part in our last issue. We continue to the rest part of it in this issue
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Marketing Activities - 3 In Insulation Sector: "Pricing Strategies" and Management in Insulation Sector

Murat Karademir
Construction Engineer/ Production Management and Marketing Specialist

?Pricing Strategies" jargon, tells a lot of things with its name. click for detail

2014's Best Construction Material was PonceBloc

PonceBloc products were preferred for different type of projects since it is entered to the Turkey market and it continues to take attention with its innovative specialties. click for detail

BTM, Met with Its Middle Eastern Customers at Dubai Big 5 Exhibition

Dubai Big 5 Exhibition was between 17-20 November dates in World Trade Center. BTM was also in Middle East's biggest construction fair with its stand. click for detail

Ravaber, is Being The Preferred Brand in Rockwool Sandwich Panel

Rockwool sandwich panels, because of its nonflammable property it is used especially in the places that has a high fire risk and buildings with maximal fire resistance. click for detail

Interfiks "2015 Year Target Sharing Meeting" Actualized in Antalya

Interfiks Structure Chemicals Inc. will leave behind its 25. Year in its sector. It actualized "2015 Year Target Sharing Meeting" between 28-30 November dates in Antalya. click for detail

BAU 2015, will be Organized on 19-24 January

BAU 2015 is one of the most important specialization exhibitions about; structure, construction materials and architectural systems. It will be organized between 19-24 January 2015 dates in Munich, Germany. click for detail

Pakpen, is getting closer to global brand target with its certificate of quality

Pakpen's corporate magazine, which meets with both construction sector and local management s and dealers, 30. İsuue the file subject was "quality in consturction sector".
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Rubber preference is increasing in hospitals' installment insulation

The places which have heavy human traffic like hospitals, schools, trade centers, shopping centers, congress and meeting areas, mosques, sport and health facilities; their ventilation systems are increasing day by day. click for detail

AKG hosted "a lot of face of design"

Sector representatives come together with Bahadır Kul in İzmir architecture center AKG Gazbeton (host) "A lot of face of design" narratives.
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Trakya Cam met with business partners at "Power of Change" Session

Trakya Cam's Business Partners Meeting is held in Antalya between 17-19 October 2014 with 250 attendee. click for detail

Eryan Hosted its Dealers in Antalya

Eryap is in insulation sector with its wide range of product spread to Turkey. It prepares different campaigns every year and it offers opportunity of seeing the most enjoyable cities of Turkey and the World more closely. click for detail

ODE, Continues To Its Environmentalist Investments

Department of Environment and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) collaboration actualized Umbrella Project in Turkey. ODE, attended to this project starts 100 % ozone friendly production at the and of R&D studies at the Isıpan product range. Starflex, with its construction group glass fiber products and Isıpan XPS products blocked megaton CO2 resonance in 2013. click for detail

BTM Ustam Club Master Figure is Renewed

BTM Ustam Club renewed its blue master figure, which was valid since 2012. click for detail

Engineering Peak will be organized at Yıldız Technical Univeristy

Yıldız Technical University Engineering Club will organize Engineering Peak. This year over the concept of "Clever City", it deals with environmentalist, fertile, comfortable and secure cities. click for detail

1. National Building Physics and Environmental Control Congress is Carried Out

1. National Building Physics and Environmental Control Congress is carried out at ITU, Faculty of Architecture campus between 13-14 March dates. click for detail

PonceBloc Dealer Networks are Expanding in Turkey

New generation light construction component PonceBloc, entered to Turkish market as Arkas?s shareholder. It is progressing fastly in the process of being a dealer. click for detail

Rockwool had 4 Awards at Architects' Darling

In the countries, which are using the German as the main language, Heinze market research group made a research with nearly 2 thousand architects and planners and it determined the "favorites" of architects and planners in varied categories. click for detail

The problem of Urban Life: Sound Pollution and Noise

CEO of Eryap and XPS-Heat Insulation Industrialist Association President, Emrullah Eruslu stated that, one out of every four people is complainant because of noise; "When you say insulation, water and heat insulation comes to mind?" click for detail

Pakpen Quality, also Approved by İZODER

Pakpen, continues to crown its quality by certificates, which are taken by sector authorities. click for detail

BTM Made a Rapid Entrance to the Year

BTM, widened its exportation network with the sales to Madagascar and China. The company (BTM) declared 2014 year as investment year. At Aegean Area Chamber of Industry's (AACI) Successful Industry Foundations Award Ceremony, it had "First Degree Success" award. click for detail

For buildings, it must be started with Heat Insulation to Energy Efficiency

With Filli Boya Insulation's support, Sustainability Academy carried out "Heat Insulation Perception Research for The Buildings in Turkey". According to the results of this research, 64 % of participants answered as household electrical appliances the question of "Which pen is that is most energy consuming, increases energy costs and invoices in your house?" click for detail

Warning from BİTÜDER: 90 % of Buildings Are Risky

Water insulation is a primary element that increase buildings' robustness, and it became an obligatory by a circular, which is issued by Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. click for detail

A Reformist Solution to Insulation on Roofs by Kılıçoğlu.

Kılıçoğlu continues on the studies of product improvement, which is made for increasing the roof performances and security. The new product of the firm: İzoçatı Mineral Wool Roof System, brings a totally new solution to the heat and water insulation systems on roofs. click for detail

Children are learning savings in Isıcan Comfort Saving Academy

Our country is dependent to overseas, and Trakya Cam has a mission to transform individual saving to societal earning. This company established "Isıcam Comfort Saving Academy" with the aim of telling the importance of energy saving to each region of society. click for detail

New Investments to Turkey and Kazakhstan, by BTM Group

BTM Group, which includes BTM as an insulation company, it decided to invest totally 68 million dollars investment in 2014. click for detail